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About us

Spindle is a different business model that leverages technology to bring more value to the workout experience. We believe in the science behind progression, the art of coaching and the empowerment of individuals produces the perfect formula to generate real fitness results. We also acknowledge that the modern life demands flexibility and accountability. With this in mind, we re-engineered the way fitness  is delivered and created the Spindle System.

The Spindle System operates on four basic pillars: Individualized Programming, Expert Coaching, Flexibility, and Accountability. We craft your individualized fitness programs which are re-calibrated monthly. We load your Spindle App so you can access and execute your workouts at the convenience of your schedule and location. We provide hands-on guidance and a great community for those who choose to come to our facility. Finally, we hold all of us accountable by measuring and analyzing results through statistically meaningful data.

At Spindle, we provide a fitness solution that delivers on your needs for effectiveness, flexibility and sustainability. We work hard for individuals who have a good sense of self, are high achievers, and embrace all aspects of health as a journey for life.

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